B-2 Silver Large Loop Stainless Steel Earring wires 316L stainless steel 25 pairs/ 50 pieces

Regular price $8.00

These Earring wires are delightful!
Dainty and classy but strong and firm.

316L stainless is non-tarnishing and hypoallergenic. The wire is firm and strong, easy to work with but not easily misshapen.

This listing is for 25 pairs or 50 single pieces.

Perfect for thicker items and layered earrings. Works wonderfully with clay, wood, leather and more! The sky is the limit!

Featuring a longer neck than our originally premium style, and a slightly more malleable wire. The loop is right at about 6.5 or a bit larger. The gauge is just right and very comfortable! just over .7mm in thickness.

I am so excited to offer these new wires at a lower price point to help makers keep their costs down and as always, if there is any issue with your order, please do let me know and I will make it right, right away.