Genuine leather and cork applied to leather U-shaped earring blanks 2 inch/// New Prints Added Read Description

Regular price $24.00

Beautiful prints and solids in firm leather or cork-backed leather.

These blanks are about 2 inches tall.

This listing is for 10 pairs, grab bag style!

You will receive 10 pairs chosen at random similar to those in the picture. There are many more colors and prints availible that are not pictured.  Grab bags save me listing time, so that saves you money!

The photo was just a quick example, don’t be fooled! There is much more variety!

These work just perfectly with our large loop earring wires, and you won’t need a jump ring!

Pop some ear wires on these beauties and you are ready to sell for a profit or have a handful of perfect gifts. 😍

Please note, these are also available in 2.5 in cuts.