Genuine leather skinny knot precut earring blanks

Regular price $24.00

These perfect strips are about 7.5 inches long by just a hair over 1/4 inch wide! So chic and so fast to make!

:::: this photo is just an example of options, colors and styles are always rotating:::::

This listing is for 12 pairs, grab bag style!

NOTE: If you have purchased these from me before, these are just slightly bigger than the past cuts, I had to get a new die, and it is slightly different. You can trim the cuts by 1/2 an inch for a smaller knot if you wish or use it as is for a slightly larger one!

You will receive 12 pairs chosen at random from the prints and styles shown in the picture. Grab bags save me listing time, so that saves you money!

These work just perfectly with our large loop earring wires, and you won’t need a jump ring!

Pop some ear wires on these beauties and you are ready to sell for a profit or have a handful of perfect gifts 😍