Leather Earring Cuts Grab Bag AKA DOOM BOX

Regular price $25.00

These grab bags are fun! I go all through the studio and find every earring cut I have tucked in every corner and cranny and make up fun grab bags. 

The perks: I get to clean up, and you get a great deal

The cons: You don't get to see them until you get them, and may not love every single one. There can be one of two with no match that sneak in. 

Another PERK: Even if there is an ugly one (in your opinion) or a mismatched straggler or two, I always over estimate and include extras to be sure you LOVE THEM. 

These grab bags include at least 20 PAIRS but typically more! Can be literally ANYTHING from my stash of over 100 dies, and over 1000 leathers. Im not kidding. HELP ME.