FF NEW Faux Fur HOT PINK Pom Stud Connector

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Product Details: 

NEW and better than before! A tad Bigger and Fluffier than the last ones <3

Quantity: 2 pieces 1 pair 


Shape: approximately 28mm Organic Round Poof

Material: Stainless Steel Base and Pin, and Super Soft Faux Fur

Application/use: Use as a stud connector (has a small loop hidden by the fur, for jump rings and dangles) or as a stand a lone earring! 

IMPORTANT INFO: These are all handmade and no two are exactly the same. This will be paired up as "sisters" and definitely go together. The nature of this style is not symmetrical, so they will not be perfectly the same. The size and shape can very from stud to stud. If you receive a stud that you think is too "wonky" please do email me for a replacement or help <3 

These do not ship with backs, you will need to purchase backs separately, we are moving to this configuration for many of our stud items so you can choose the backs that you prefer for yourself and your customers. 

Stainless Steel backs: https://shop.campbellsandchaos.com/products/butterfly-tight-fitting-stainless-steel-earring-backs

Silicone Backs: https://shop.campbellsandchaos.com/products/clear-silicone-earring-backs-200-pieces (these are our personal favorite!) 

Photos show comparison with 30mm seed bead studs, as well as the new crystal studs. 

For the sake of time and shipping quickly, these will not ship on cards, but in bags. 


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